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Apr 7, 2018

Just how good can a microbudget film be? The Bad Ben trilogy has gained a cult follow despite its low budget style. Does it really deserve such a following? Find out on this week's episode.

Bad Ben 
Written, directed, and stars Nigel Bach
Plot Synopsis: Tom Riley thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime when he bought a house below market value at a Sheriff's sale. He invested every penny he had with the plan of flipping the home for a profit. Once he owned it, however, he noticed strange happenings, all of which were captured on 21 Surveillance Cameras located throughout the home inside and out. At first he thought people were breaking in, but he soon realized he was dealing with something Paranormal.

Steelmanville Road 
Director: Nigel Bach
Writer: Nigel Bach
Stars: Jessica Partridge, Christopher Partridge, Ian Mullin, Jeanne Sutton
Plot Synopsis: Prequel to Bad Ben, found-footage style film explaining what happened to the home's previous owners.

Badder Ben: The Final Chapter 
Director: Nigel Bach
Writer: Nigel Bach
Stars: Nigel Bach, Jacquie Baker, Matthew Schmid
Synopsis: Jaquie, a psychic, Schmiddy, a dyslexic cameraman, and Dave, apparently producer/financier, descend upon Tom Riley's abandoned house to learn what happened using all of their special skills.

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