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Mar 26, 2018

The Irish have a way with tell great ghost stories, but is Nails great story, or just another generic tale? Find out in this week's episode. I also cover a few new streaming releases as well as two that I'm extremely excited for. 

Director: Dennis Bartok
Writers: Tom Abrams, Dennis Bartok
Stars: Shauna...

Mar 12, 2018

Mike Flanagan has proven himself to be a modern master of horror, but how does he fare with a new franchise that started off with a critical flop? This week I take a look at his sequel to 2014's Ouija, Origin of Evil. 

Ouija: Origin of Evil
Written by: Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard
Directed by: Mike Flanagan

Mar 7, 2018

Business Insider claims the Spanish film, Veronica, is so scary, people are turning it off half way through the film. But is it really? I aim to answer that question on this week's episode. 

The article:

Written by: Fernando...