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Welcome to Scream Stream, your weekly spoiler free guide to horror entertainment. 

Jun 11, 2018

This week I dive back into one of my guilty pleasure horror subgenres, found footage. The Levenger Tapes has been in queue for quite some time and I've finally gotten around to watching it. This ones does some thing that I haven't seen any other FF film do before; we get to see who found the footage and see them...

May 19, 2018

After some major PC issues, I'm back with a brand new episode! This week I take a look at 2016's social media horror flick, Friend Request. 

Friend Request
Written by: Matthew Ballen and Philip Koch
Directed by: Simon Verhoeven
Stars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, and Brooke Markham

May 11, 2018

I have some bad news, Screamers. I updated my PC to the new Windows 10 April update and it broke my sound card. I can't record or edit any new Scream Stream recordings so, until another update is released, or I get a MacBook Pro, I'll be releasing some of the episodes from the original run of Scream Stream from 2014. I...

Apr 21, 2018

This week we go 'round in circles with 2017's Happy Death Day. It caught a lot of flack for being PG-13, but does that mean it's bad? 

Happy Death Day
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Directed by: Chirstopher Landon
Stars: Jessica RotheIsrael BroussardRuby Modine
Synopsis: A college student must relive the day of her...

Apr 7, 2018

Just how good can a microbudget film be? The Bad Ben trilogy has gained a cult follow despite its low budget style. Does it really deserve such a following? Find out on this week's episode.

Bad Ben 
Written, directed, and stars Nigel Bach
Plot Synopsis: Tom Riley thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime when he...